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MEMO is on a mission to change the world of fundraising! The application takes the beautiful photos you capture every day and creates a personalized photo product that is shipped directly to you…while supporting the school or cause of your choice. You end up with a product you love, and the organization receives a portion of the proceeds. Everybody wins! Sugar-free fundraising has never been this sweet!

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter is the Baton Rouge-based creator of an industry leading security guard management software platform. Their CEO, Courtney Sparkman, started after owning a security guard company with his father and realizing the potential for managing security guard company operations more efficiently. The team now works to design user-friendly and affordable tools for security guard companies, including Guard Tour Tracking Software, Electronic Reporting Software, and Time and Attendance Software. The team also hosts a monthly magazine and a weekly blog sharing tips and how-to's to help their customers be the best security guard companies possible.

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Lubricity Labs, LLC was founded by Dr. Boyce Clark who used his background in Biogeochemistry to create an innovative line of hair care products that treat frizzy, unruly hair without sacrificing the hair's natural body and curl.  Customers will experience incredible shine, softness and manageability with natural moisture locked-in and the frizzing effects of humidity locked-out. Lubricity Labs uses only naturally derived ingredients that are safe to use on hair of all types and ages.  Lubricity Labs products contain no formaldehyde, no parabens, no sulfates, are vegan and non-GMO and are certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny.  

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